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A Rising Up Coaching 

Coaching leaders to advance equity while centering their rest and wellness needs

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About Us

Mission: We are committed to coaching global majority leaders and communities to advance equity and heal from racism, intergenerational trauma, communication gaps, and systemic injustices.

Vision: Every global majority leader and community advances equity, fosters healthy living, and is mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally well.

Founder & Principal

Rose is a transformative leader who prioritizes equity and wellness. She is the founder, principal, and coach of A Rising Up Coaching, author of A Generational Cry: Based on A True Story of the Haitian Revolution, DEIB strategist, and anti-racism and wellness coach.


Rose has over 10 years of experience working at the intersection of nonprofit, education, and business, with a focus on advancing equity, talent development, program quality and delivery, career coaching, BIPOC equity advancement, and leadership development.


Rose's dream is to turn her book into a movie to inspire more people to be the change in their generation that positively impacts human rights everywhere. 

Rose Francois 

Author, Equity & Wellness Coach,

DEIB Strategist, Educator, Artist, Entrepreneur 

A Rising Up Coaching For Haitian Millennials and Gen. Z. 

We are committed to serving the Haitian community. Our Haitian community program aims to help Haitian millennials and Generation Z by establishing a large resource group as well as small groups of safe spaces where they can connect, have difficult conversations, network, process Haiti news, family challenges, form friendships, and more. Our goal is to support Haitian millennials and Generation Z in maintaining their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being while navigating the experiences of being a member of the Haitian diaspora.

A Rising Up Coaching's program has been designed for the Haitian diaspora to use the Rising Up process's three pillars: Face Yourself, Do the Work, and Protect Your Energy, to advance equity while balancing their rest and wellness needs in order to heal from intergenerational trauma, communication gaps, Haiti-related challenges, cultural differences, and unspoken challenges.

Our Services


 Community Processing

Community Processing A Rising Up sessions are one-of-a kind virtual and in-person events that are anchored in the A Rising Up Coaching framework and designed to deepen community connection, create a safe space for support, healing, and accountability, and create a brave space. 


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Receive thoughtful 1:1 coaching to advance equity and wellness in your career and personal life using the Rising Up framework. 


Organizational Trainings

Lead your organizational change through key training, coaching, and advising for your teams, people leaders, and individual contributors that leads to engagement, inclusion, belonging, growth, innovation, and high performance. 

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Thank you Rose for providing an excellent training on A Rising Up during the The BEE FREE Institute's BFW MasterClass on Bias and Identity. Your session provided students with concrete tools to guide and coach others on how to become purposefully involved in racial justice work. I took notes on how to adjust my own approach to the work. The presentation was interactive and students also left with a deeper connection to their own purpose. I highly recommend your A Rising Up session to anyone looking to adopt a framework for guiding individuals into racial justice activism!"

Dr. Annice Fisher

Founder, CEO, Coach

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